‘Her works display the personal character of a diary. They are the observations of a body in motion, intuitively yet casually capturing the image. Blurring, movement, flecks of colour, overexposure and under-lighting are frequently used to create images of a dream world that are dynamic and sensitive. Peper photographs appear to capture moments that are seemingly impossible to capture. The world of Sanne Peper contains no trace of romance; for her reality isn’t ‘nice’ but inaccessible and incomprehensible. Isolation and transience are recurring themes in her work.’

SeARCH Architects [Hamerstraat 3, Amsterdam-Noord] exhibits in its office works by different artists. The opening of the first exhibition coincided with the official opening of SeARCH’s office in Amsterdam Noord.

Exhibited work ‘Las Vegas 01′, ‘Las Vegas 02′, ‘Las Vegas 03′, ‘Köln 01′, ‘Köln 02′,
All c- prints on dibond on coloured wood.