With Aram Tanis (KR), Constant Dullaart (NL), Florian Göttke (DE), Ola Lanko (UKR), Sanne Peper (NL), Anna Bedaux (NL), Thomas Kuijpers (NL), Sharon Houkema (NL) and Manó Dániel Szöllősi (HU)
How can we define the relationship between image and spectator if the borders between public and private space are fading - because are we not all out there in public? Are we not all on the balcony?

‘Balconism’ denotes an idea or movement created by Constant Dullaart, one of the participating artists. In this exhibition the term Balconism encapsulates the various methods used by the artists to investigate developments in our contemporary visual culture. An important aspect of these methods is treating the image as well as the spectator as a commodity. By selecting, archiving, editing and analyzing existing images artists add eloquence, meaning or (renewed) value to the image. Balconism explores the medium of photography in a digital age and the functions of both public and private imagery.

Bergstraat 3
1015 AV Amsterdam