GEN.11 [ArtEZ]:


EXHIBITION / SHOWROOM PARIS FASHION WEEK Wednesday March 3rd Thursday March 4th 2010

'After ten years we are looking forward as well as glancing back. The present economic and creative turbulences within the global fashion industry provide new chances and opportunities. This is the time to take a close look at contemporary themes in the fashion world.

A NEW DECADE, A NEW GENERATION, A NEW START; this requires a new form of presentation: staged fashion presentations in alternative spatial and multimedia settings. The phenomenon of fashion must be communicated in a way that supports original messages. Young designers are taking the lead and present state-of-the-art designs.

Under the artistic direction of the duo Freudenthal/ Verhagen, the talented graduates of GENERATION 11 reflect on the existing concepts of ‘fashion performance’; they explore boundaries and play with alternatives, resulting in a unique exhibition.'

Mascha van Zijverden, Course Director ArtEZ Fashion Masters